TakeDownLeak Anti-Piracy - WE FIGHT EBOOK-PIRACY

Based on the latest reports, authors and publishers are losing a third of their eBook sales due to piracy. The most affected category is fiction, followed by technical literature.

Fact: Piracy is a market and a direct competitor to legal eBookshops.

As an author or publisher, if you do not address the issue of piracy, then unauthorized sources appearing in the search results become a direct competitor to the legal eBookshops. This means making it easy for readers to choose unauthorized copies and the ensuing loss of sales.

Serious reports and surveys always come to the same conclusion: the longer it takes for a potential reader/customer to find an unauthorized source – i.e. either they cannot find links in the search results or the offers no longer exist – the sooner they will use authorized sources. This is especially true for offers in the lower price brackets, as the time required to track down an unauthorized copy and download it becomes disproportionate to the purchase price.

Pirates want to be left alone and we can disrupt their business!

Pirates prefer the quick and easy solution. After each takedown they are forced to go through the process of re-uploading the books in order to make money. Permanent takedowns make these eBooks less attractive to the pirates, because a re-upload becomes too time-consuming for them. Experience shows that when pirates have their business disrupted in this way, they will turn to other authors and publishers who aren’t actively addressing the issue.


With TakeDownLeak Anti-Piracy, you can search the web for unauthorized copies of your eBooks and have the ability to fight your biggest competitor:


What do we do?

  1. We protect your work from piracy and use the DMCA Millennium Copyright Act (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Millennium_Copyright_Act) to remove illegal links. After delivery of a DMCA takedown, the provider/online service is legally obliged to remove the link or the file immediately.
  2. We give you the opportunity to see if your products are affected by piracy and on which portals they are distributed. The results can be used to develop further strategies to combat piracy.
  3. We observe, recognize and protect 24/7.
  4. We have an extensive database and a detailed insight into the piracy market - yes, it's a market – and that's why piracy is your biggest competitor.
  5. We use individual strategies to counter piracy.
  6. You will receive statistics to track where your products have been found and when we have initiated the removal of the illegally used data.

Prices TakeDownLeak Anti-Piracy:

Anti-Piracy is a very individual service and we are pleased to offer you a tailor-made offer. Please scontact us at anti-piracy@ebookwatermark.com
We provide you with a cost-effective, simple and timely treatment against eBook Piracy in all phases of creation, promotion and sale.

With eBookWaterMark you have the opportunity to fight your biggest competitor in the market:


eBookWaterMark is a small investment with a strong impact.