1. Why protect an eBook with a watermark?

Protecting eBooks with a traceable, personalized watermark minimizes the risk of losing revenue from illegal piracy. You preventively protect your eBooks against unauthorized sharing, copying and piracy, without restricting honest readers and reviewers. This is also the advantage over hard copy protection (DRM) since the watermarked eBook can be legally converted into all formats and thus read on different devices.

However, illegal disclosure should be prevented. If unauthorized copies of an eBook appear on the Internet, the identity of the original recipient of an eBook with a personalized watermark can be determined without a doubt.

In our opinion, an eBook should be protected with a personalized watermark, especially when sending reading and review copies, in order to limit piracy in the sensitive publication phase. This applies equally to self-publishers, agents, publishers and promotion agencies.

2. Promote and protect my eBook with a watermark?

eBooks that contain a personalized watermark are usually treated with care and are not shared, since the identity of the recipient is technically included in the file and can therefore be traced.

If an eBook appears illegally on the internet, you can find out whether it came from an "eBookWaterMark" mail out and who the recipient was.