1. Why eBook WaterMark?

Digital test and review copies save on print costs, can be distributed to more people and are available much faster. On the other hand, digital copies are easily shared – especially prior to publication. There is always a risk that the ebook will be leaked through one of the recipients.

Protecting eBooks, authors and profit is becoming more and more essential and this service is an important tool for preventing leaks and fighting piracy for self publishers, publishing houses, literary agencies, promo companies etc.

With our watermarking technology you can protect your eBooks: “watermarked eBooks” will be handled more carefully as the name of the “recipient” is associated with the eBook and can be tracked.

eBook WaterMark is a small investment but will have a substantial impact on protecting your work and saving your profits.

Our mission is to make eBook WaterMarking easy and affordable for everyone.

2. I have a promotion agency. Can I use eBook WaterMark?

Yes you can. We provide multiple templates with individual layout options for each book within one account.

3. I would like to sign in.

Of course - just click here.

4. Can everybody use eBook WaterMark?

Simple answer—yes! Whether you are a publisher, self-publishing author, publicist, promo agency, promoter etc, just try it :)

5. Do I need special requirements for uploading and sending my eBooks?

No. Just a computer, browser and an internet connection.

6. Are there any system requirements for the people I send my eBooks to?

No. Just a computer, browser and an internet connection.

7. Are my data, mailing lists and eBook safe?

Yes, we have state of the art protection.

Your books are stored on our dedicated and highly-secure servers.

8. Which format can I upload?

You can upload ePub files.

9. Can eBook WaterMark put me on the recipients’ lists?

Unfortunately not as all mailing lists are operated and owned by our clients who are using our system. If you are interested in receiving samples, you need to get in touch with our clients. Signing in doesn't lead to receiving samples from clients who are using our system.

10. I have more than one eBook. Can I make my own template for every eBook?

Yes, you can!

11. Does eBook WaterMark provide mailing lists with readers, bloggers etc. for me?

No, we provide you with watermarking technology that enables you to send and monitor your mailings, but you need your own lists.

All mailing lists are managed and owned by the clients who are using our service.

12. How do Kindle readers enjoy watermark-protected eBooks?

Authors are invited to send the following text to their readers in case of any questions regarding their Kindle devices or apps.

If you prefer to read your eBooks on the Kindle eReader or with any of the Kindle apps available for iOS, Android or Windows, reading with eBook WaterMark is still easy.

When you receive the email with your download links, just click the “DOWNLOAD MOBI” button. You then have to accept the agreement, before the automatic download of your individualized .mobi file starts. The file you get is easily sent to your Kindle email address as described here:

The next time you sync your Kindle device or app, the eBook will show up. Happy reading!

13. Can I sell my eBooks with eBook WaterMark?


14. Can I give my promotion company or agency access to my eBooks that I have uploaded?

Yes you can. The promotion company just needs to set up a free account with us and then you simply share the product with them.

15. Does eBook WaterMark provide me with legal support or action when you’ve encoded a leak and provided me with all necessary information?


16. What should I do when I think I have found a leak?

Just upload it via the leak page in your account and we will check it within 24 hours.

17. Can I read the eBook on my reader?

Yes, just download the .epub or .mobi and send it via mail or usb cable to your reader.

18. Spam?

We operate a strict anti-spam policy. All email sent through our system is sent to addresses that have opted in and have subscribed to be on a certain mailing list.

You have to make sure that your recipients want to receive emails from you.

If a recipient has opted out via eBook WaterMark, he will no longer receive emails via our system from you.

19. What sort of data or statistics will I get?

We will provide you with all kinds of information like:

Email Statuses (Sent, Opened, Received, Deferred, Bounced, Expired)

Promo Statuses (Opened, Downloaded)

Recipient Feedback

20. Security of mailing lists.

We have a very strict privacy policy concerning our clients' mailing list data: your lists are your lists—we don't share or use them in any way.

21. More questions?

Just drop us a line at [jsaddress]