eBookWM - watermarked eBook promotion

Promote with confidence and fight piracy

Digital test and review copies save on print costs, can be distributed to more people and are available much faster. On the other hand, digital copies are easily shared – especially prior to publication. There is always a risk that the ebook will be leaked through one of the recipients. eBookWM is a technology company which provides content protection that will disrupt the digital eBook piracy market.

Protecting eBooks, authors and profit is becoming more and more essential. ebwm is an important tool to prevent leaks and fight piracy for self publishers, publishing houses, literary agencies, promo companies etc. With our eBook WaterMarking technology, you can protect your eBooks!

eBook WaterMark delivers your eBook in a safe and secure way by making your product mailings individually traceable with a watermark, whether it's to press, bloggers, licensing or an advance reading sample to a fan for feedback before release. "Watermarked eBooks" will be handled more carefully as the name of the "recipient" is associated with the eBook file and can be tracked.

eBook WaterMark is a small investment which will have a substantial impact on protecting your work and profit.

Our mission is to make eBook WaterMarking easy and affordable for everyone: