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Why a watermark?

Advance review copies of eBooks have become the norm in the publishing industry. They save costs and are available from the moment the book is finished.

But eBooks have a significant drawback because they can be easily copied and shared. The result of much hard work becomes freely and illegally available online. This is a problem that should not be underestimated.

Publishers and self-publishers need a simple and flexible solution that identifies recipients with a watermark should the files be distributed illegally online.

The facts

Studies show that review copies of eBooks are especially at risk. For example, 38% of respondents said they were illegally downloading eBooks because they were "not available in shops." In addition, 60% of respondents said they received the eBook from friends. Often this happens without malicious intent, with just the request: "Please do not forward!"

The watermark

Protecting review copies of eBooks with a traceable, personalized watermark has become imperative these days. As a publisher or self-publisher, you have invested a lot of money and work in the book and do not want to lose revenue through illegal pirated copies. With a personalized watermark, eBooks can be be traced back to the original recipient in case of unauthorized distribution and piracy without hampering readers and reviewers.Knowing this, recipients don't even think about sharing the book.

As a result, leaks and violations can be reliably prevented in advance, a considerable advantage as the legal procedure after a leak is discovered is both expensive and frustrating. Any unauthorized copy online is a copy that may require complex and difficult processes to be removed. Better to protect proactively than to react when it's too late!

And this is how our watermark technology works:
  • You can easily send the eBooks to your readers or reviewers via our site.
  • Every blogger, journalist, test reader or reviewer receives his/her copy with the indication that it is marked with a personalized watermark.
  • Watermarked eBooks are therefore treated with care and not passed on because the original recipient is identifiable and therefore traceable.
  • If the case does occur that one of your eBooks appears on an unauthorized platform, you can immediately see if it comes from an "eBookWaterMark" mailing and who the recipient was.

Advantages over "hard" DRM

Our watermarking system does not restrict the legal use of the book in the way that DRM (Digital Rights Management) and other "hard" copy protection mechanisms can do, which often causes usability problems for the intended reader and may prevent them from accessing the eBook.

Our watermark prevents illegal distribution of your eBooks and protects your work.