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Protect your eBooks!

Why a watermark?

Digital review copies save costs and are quickly available. But eBooks also have a major disadvantage, as they can be easily copied and shared. In the end, the result of hard work is available online for free. A problem that should not be underestimated.

Self-publishers and publishers therefore need a simple and flexible solution to protect their work. A watermark can be used to identify the recipients of an eBook if the files have been shared without permission and appear illegally on the internet.

Studies on the subject show that unpublished eBooks (e.g. test copies for reader feedback) are particularly at risk. 38% of those surveyed stated (nielsen / DIGIMARC, "Inside the Mind of a Book Pirate", Winter/Spring 2017) that they obtain eBooks illegally because they "are not available in the shops". Furthermore, over 30% of those surveyed stated that they received the content from friends.

With a personalized watermark, eBooks are protected against unauthorized disclosure without restricting readers and reviewers. Should illegal copies appear on the internet, the copyright infringer can be identified with the watermark. The recipients know this and don't even think about sharing the book. This way, leaks and violations can be prevented in advance, because the legal procedure afterwards is expensive and not very promising.

It is better to protect proactively than to react when it is too late!

This is how our watermark technology works: You can send the review eBook via our website. A personalized watermark is automatically integrated into the file. Every blogger, journalist, test reader or reviewer receives their copy with the information that it contains a personalized watermark. eBooks that contain a watermark are handled with care and are not shared as the original recipient can be identified and therefore can be traced.

If the case arises and one of the eBooks appears on illegal platforms, you can see whether it came from an "eBookWaterMark" mail out and who the original recipient was.

A watermark does not restrict the legal use of the book, such as DRM (Digital Rights Management) and other "hard" copy protection mechanisms that cause technical problems for the reader and hinder him from reading.

Our watermark prevents illegal sharing and protects the work!