Protect your eBooks!

eBookWaterMark gives self-publishers and publishers the opportunity to protect their eBooks with a personalized watermark when sending them as a reading copy.
In addition, eBookWaterMark with its anti-piracy system offers the option of actively searching for illegal offers to have them removed in the "Notice & Takedown" process.
Our watermark is a small investment with a significant impact: For the price of 1 cappuccino, you protect your reading copies for 1 month*!
(*depending on the number of protected reading copies)
Our watermark prevents illegal sharing and protects the work. A watermark is the most effective protection against unauthorized disclosure and piracy without restricting readers and reviewers. The recipients of a reading copy know that the watermark can be used to trace their identity without any doubt if unauthorized copies of the eBook appear on the Internet. This way leaks and violations can be prevented in advance.
It is better to protect proactively than to react when it is too late!
Every unauthorized copy that ends up on the Internet must be removed using complex measures.
Experience has shown that an eBook without watermark protection will be shared at least twice per recipient.

How does eBookWaterMark work?

You can send reading copies of your eBook conveniently via our site using a customizable design. The recipient receives the copy in epub, mobi or can read it directly online. The number of permitted downloads can be specified before sending as well as by when the download must be completed.
Each recipient receives their copy with a preceding note that this eBook contains a personalized watermark. Sharing this copy is prohibited. In addition, it is stated that the recipient of the copy can be identified and can therefore be traced.
If the eBook appears on illegal platforms, you can see whether it came from an eBookWaterMark mail out and who the recipient was. Our watermark technology is unique within the market. The watermark is automatically included into the file as soon as it is sent via our website and cannot simply be deleted by the recipients.
In addition, our technology offers some advantages over "hard" DRM (Digital Rights Management) and other "hard" copy protection mechanisms, since it does not restrict the legal use of the book and thus does not hinder reading.

What is eBookWaterMark?

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